Campground Consultants

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Marketing Consultants For Campgrounds, RV Parks, Outdoor Resorts, Glamping Resorts, and Unique Accommodations

The outdoor hospitality industry is full of brilliant minds who have been helping RV parks and campgrounds for decades. We aren’t here to replace any of those talented people and will frequently send people their way.

If you need a feasibility study on your next project or purchase, assistance selling your RV park, or tips on the placement of sewer lines to maximize flow, we are definitely not the people you need.

If you are considering building a campground and would like a competitive analysis on the other campground owners in the area, our RV park consultants can help with that. If you are thinking about purchasing a campground and want to know what you can quickly do after you close to increase revenue, our campground consultants can help with that.

When RV park owners come to us for campground consultant services, it is usually because they want to sell their campground, buy a campground, or want advice to do their own marketing.

Imagine if you want to buy a campground but didn’t know what steps you could take to improve revenue quickly after the closing date. We can analyze the existing marketing efforts for you and provide detailed reports on the following key areas:

  • Existing Website Design. Find out if the campground or RV park you want to purchase has a website that is ready for the future or if this will be a necessary investment. The answer can be a benefit to you in multiple ways, with a good website being an indicator of stable revenue, while a bad website could be an indicator of easy potential growth. We can show you a detailed analysis.
  • Existing Online Presence. Any business plan for purchasing a property in the RV park and campground industry should include a look at the campground’s online presence. Do they have negative reviews you need to overcome or does their park rank 8th in a local search? Low rankings can lead to growth opportunities while high rankings can indicate stability.
  • Social Media Engagement. Does the RV resort that you want to purchase have an engaged fan base that regularly likes, comments, and shares their social posts? If so, this is another indicator of the ability to retain existing customers and create revenue stability. It’s not enough to simply have a social media account set up these days, as engagement is a key indicator of success.
  • Advertising Campaigns. Where does the park budget for advertising right now? Are they committed to Good Sam advertising at a fixed annual cost, are they spending monthly on Google Ads? These are things you can change after buying the campground, but they also help with valuation. Can you tap into a market through digital advertising that quickly increases revenue?

Those are just some of the examples of competitor analysis that we can offer you. This page has our regular recurring monthly consulting fees and our competitive analysis package, but we do offer one-time reports for those looking to buy a campground and those looking to sell a campground.

Now think about this from the seller perspective. You want to maximize revenue from the sale of your campground, but likely don’t plan on investing a large amount to add amenities. Our marketing reports can help you uncover easy opportunities to improve your digital marketing while you continue to work with a campground or RV park broker to sell your business.

If you could spend money on Local SEO or a quick website redesign that would impact the buyer in one of the positive ways above, would that give you the right to value your property higher?

Insider Perks has been offering campground consulting services for RV park owners for years. What we haven’t done, prior to now, is lay out the benefits for those looking to buy a campground or sell a campground. Having worked with brokers to provide these reports at their request, we have gained an understanding of how our RV park consulting services can help everyone win.

So if you need consulting services for RV parks or campgrounds, we can help. We specialize in the marketing side of outdoor hospitality, but can easily refer you to other experts depending on what your needs are. It’s a great time to be a campground owner and we look forward to helping you.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing & Tech Success
$ 500
  • Our team will provide ongoing marketing strategy
  • Regular phone calls and/or video sessions to help you succeed
  • Advice on social, reputation, advertising, design, anything
  • Have us be your silent partner on the path to prosperity

Competitive Analysis

A concrete plan of action
$ 999
per area
  • Our team will do a deep dive into your local competition
  • We'll analyze multiple competitors for weak spots
  • We'll look at their online reviews, social media, and more
  • You will receive a plan of action on how to win customers from them