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Hey there. Chances are pretty good that you found this page because you are interested in making your campground appear as professional as possible. Everyone thinks about the big things like website design or billboards, but many campground owners forget about the small things that their guests and potential guests interact with every day.

Go ahead and imagine you are the guest for a moment. Let’s pretend you are looking for a fun place to spend an entire week this summer and you have narrowed down your choices to two different campgrounds. They are both otherwise exactly identical with the same reviews, amenities, and distance to local attractions.

How do you make a decision? Most of us would keep looking for something that would give us the slightest perception that one was better. In the end, the thing that pushes us toward a decision might have no impact on our stay at all. For a campground owner that doesn’t matter, though, it’s the fact that you chose their park over the competitor.

Enter the smallest of items that may tip the scales in your favor, professional email addresses. I know, it seems a little silly, but what if it helped you win a guest? What if it helped you win a handful of guests? Where is the point it becomes critical?

Go back to our imaginary scenario now. Decision time is upon you, and the only difference you notice between the two parks is their email address. The first park has [email protected] and the second has [email protected] as the email address they use for all their communication with guests.

Paying for Email Addresses

Most reliable website designers will include email addresses for free or for a slight additional charge. Before asking us to help or purchasing any other service, please check with your existing provider to see if they offer this service. You might already have it and not even know you do. The last thing we want to encourage is wasted spending.

Here at Insider Perks, we offer two different options for campground email addresses.

  1. G Suite from Google. Your most expensive option but hands down the best. It costs $5/month/address but comes with an entire cloud office suite. Plus, Google has thousands of people working on their email every single day. This ensures that security is top-notch and you don’t get overwhelmed by spam. G Suite is the best choice for forward-thinking campground owners who want to be prepared for the future.
  2. Rackspace Webmail. Reliable and secure while doing exactly what you need it to do: provide professional email addresses for your campground. It costs $2/month/address and does not come with any extras like G Suite. It is the choice for campground owners who are budget conscious and may not take advantage of the additional features offered by Google Cloud.

Both of the services above can be purchased directly from the providers for the same pricing we are offering above. We do not charge anything to help you set up professional email addresses for your campground or to help you maintain them. The benefit of working with us is our level of customer service and willingness to help.

Reach out to us with the form below, and we’ll schedule a time for a phone call. Don’t want to wait? Chat with us right now on the bottom right corner of your screen during regular business hours!