For RV Parks

Everyone is a consultant. Let’s not pretend here. You can do a quick Google search for people who will supposedly offer free advice and never finish searching. This applies to the campground industry as well. Dozens of people with websites dated from 1990 claim to offer advice on everything from marketing to designing an entire park from scratch.

Are some of these people legitimate? Absolutely. The issue is wading through the noise to find the people who are actually willing to help. If you don’t then you will likely end up with one of two things, someone who has no real interest in helping or someone who is giving you the wrong advice.

We know what our strengths are at Insider Perks, and we definitely don’t want anyone calling us for advice on how to dig a trench for sewer lines or how to sell their park. We know marketing and we know technology. Those are fairly broad categories and we won’t attempt to narrow them because they change so frequently.

Think of it like this: If you can find information on our website about the issue you are struggling with then we can probably consult for you on it. If we don’t feel we can offer you the best advice, then we’ll make sure to connect you with someone who can.

Consulting Services

Marketing & Tech Success
$ 300
  • Our team will provide ongoing marketing strategy
  • Regular phone calls and/or video sessions to help you succeed
  • Advice on social, reputation, advertising, design, anything
  • Have us be your silent partner on the path to prosperity