Advertising Your Campground Online

Campground owners know how to advertise offline. It’s something they have been doing for decades and they have learned what works or doesn’t work for their park. Campground directories like Good Sam were a part of that strategy for a long time. Combine that with things like billboards on the right highways, rack cards spread to dozens of locations or ads in the right newspapers and you were set.

A change didn’t come overnight and it didn’t sneak up on anyone. Each year fewer people were looking at or carrying around that bulky directory to find somewhere to stay. They stopped subscribing to newspapers and often had a plan before they drove past the billboard. To be certain, these all still had their place, but were they valued as high as they once were? Were they worth thousands of dollars as they used to be?

These are questions that weren’t asked enough by park owners and who could blame them? It was easy to pick up the phone and reserve a billboard or place an ad. There was no shortage of companies willing to take a credit card and design everything. By comparison, it was unthinkable to imagine setting up a Google Adwords account unless you had a friend or family member who was experienced with it.

You were told again and again that online advertising made things easier but many who didn’t grow up in the internet age had no idea where to begin. Embedding tracking codes into your website, targeting specific demographics, that sounded impossible. The potential to create a huge amount of stress was not outweighed, in their mind, by the benefits of figuring all of this out.

Today the landscape hasn’t changed much. It’s rare to find a campground owner who doesn’t know that online advertising will help them, but the knowledge gap is still an issue. Not to mention the hundreds of options and dozens of websites to choose from. You could keep throwing money at the problem, but it would be like placing a billboard on a highway no one uses to get to your park.

How can we help? Our team can have a one-to-one conversation with you about the specific goals you would like to achieve at your campground. In most cases, we’ll recommend a digital advertising campaign customized for you. We’ll make adjustments when necessary and ensure that what you are spending is spent well.

Let us help with all the complicated stuff and send you reports on how it’s working.