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Episode 55 – Back to Beginnings, WordPress SSO, Security Software, Google Mapping Your Home

We’ve gotten a little off track with my original intention for this show, covering only the daily news instead of what we’re doing. Today we go back to basics and discuss what we’re dealing with, but go a little bit longer to cover the days’ news as well. 

Using WordPress SSO to provide a better client experience and making sure our computers are as secure as possible. Those are the two things that have been on my mind lately at Insider Perks.

Plus, Google wants to map your home through a partnership with iRobot and their vacuums, and Spotify is giving away free Google Home Minis with family plan subscriptions through year’s end.


Accepting Payment Methods of the Future

When you think of businesses that stay on the cutting edge of technology, you probably don’t count your campground as being in that group. Find out how to be forward-thinking with payments.

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Native Advertising For Your RV Park

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Social Marketing

5 Reasons Your Campground Needs Instagram

Find out why you can no longer wait to create an Instagram for your campground. Engagement and interest are at record highs, and don’t forget about Instagram reviews either!

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