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Episode 59 – Redesigning Websites, Thermometer Marketing, Amazon HQ2

Discussion on our new homepage for Insider Perks, and how I spent about ten hours of my Sunday working on it. Finishing it up today and tomorrow but pointing out the importance of keeping up to date.

Clorox has paid a company for data from their internet-connected thermometer so they can advertise using it. Amazon opens yet another four-star store in California, and there are finalists for their HQ2 location. Plus, we discuss fake social media environments.


Accepting Payment Methods of the Future

When you think of businesses that stay on the cutting edge of technology, you probably don’t count your campground as being in that group. Find out how to be forward-thinking with payments.

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Google Analytics For Your Campground

Understanding who visits your campground website is one of the most important pieces of data you can collect from your online marketing efforts. Find out why you should pay attention to Google Analytics.

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Native Advertising For Your RV Park

Find out how native advertising can be a boost to your traditional banner ads or search ads. We discuss what it is, show some examples, and give great advice for using them in your RV Park Marketing.

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Social Marketing

5 Reasons Your Campground Needs Instagram

Find out why you can no longer wait to create an Instagram for your campground. Engagement and interest are at record highs, and don’t forget about Instagram reviews either!

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