Accessibility and Privacy Website Services


  • Our team will craft a custom accessibility statement for your website.
  • Our team will craft a custom privacy policy for your website.
  • We will provide best practice guidance and training on accessibility and privacy.
  • We will provide a plan of action and take steps for website accessibility and privacy.

Our Accessibility and Privacy Website Services for campgrounds and RV parks are an annual fee. We will install a widget, like the one you see in the bottom left corner of our website, on your campground website. Users will be able to navigate with a keyboard, increase the size of their cursor, change the contrast, make the text larger, desaturate the website, highlight links, switch to more legible fonts, and even read the page out loud with audio. It is possible these features may change without notice, as the widget is a third-party service.

This widget also uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to generate alt tags for your website as well as ARIA links. Combined with other behind the scenes efforts, this should make your website comply with most WCAG standards. It does not guarantee compliance as there are no guidelines for what determines actual compliance. This widget works on an ongoing basis and scans your site every 24 hours to ensure that these standards continue to be followed to the extent we are able.

Additionally, we will do a complete website audit and create an accessibility plan for your current website designer to follow if we did not design your website. We will also create a privacy policy that follows the current GDPR guidelines in Europe and the upcoming California privacy guidelines that go into effect on January 1st, 2020.

Despite our efforts to ensure our Accessibility and Privacy Website Services are fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”), certain content may not yet comply with the ADA. As such, Insider Perks does not warrant, guarantee, or otherwise promise the service provided constitutes ADA compliance. Further Information is provided in the Insider Perks’ Disclaimer of Warranty¬†which is presented to the customer prior to purchase.